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The Fast Swiping Action Arcade game, Crystal Fusion! Collect yellows, avoid Reds, and get the most points possible, Challenge your friends.

This demo only contains the Arcade mode, and is missing the levels which contain twitch based action, puzzling problems, complexing levels, and includes a intruder someone from a flatter realm!

This was created by Samual Cook and Anthony Brame.

Open to thoughts!

Possible release soon once bugs are fixed.

Well i should stop typing now

Another thing!

Seen neon hyper pinball! If not check it out

Have you tried it?

Ever wondered if the game is trying to hard?

Really, trying way to hard to hide something.

Eternally... hiding a message that will mean nothing right now, but full release may...?

(Forgive the weirdness, but there is a secret in the gibberish, See if you can find it)

Install instructions

Hello player, 

Anthony Brame here, one of the designers and developers of this game.

This is a demo for a causal arcade mobile game called crystal fusion.

This demo works only on android, and needs to be installed manually,
I recommend using ES File Explorer to access the APK file and then install it.

If you don't know how to do this, it is recommended you read this first

I hope you enjoy playing, and you can contact me on my portfolio website

Many thanks.


Crystal Fusion Demo.apk 26 MB

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